April 2015

Super Mario World Cloud Glitch on Wii U Virtual Console

Apparently it is possible, though extremely rare, to get the cloud glitch on the Wii U VC version of Super Mario World. In the past, 99.99% of the time it seems to crash the game upon “successfully” achieving the glitch. You hear the sound of obtaining the item, but the game freezes.

There was one instance of running the emulator where I was able to get the item without the game crashing. I made a save state, but when I loaded the save state it would no longer work, nor would it work upon resetting the VC.

There have been numerous times when attempting this glitch that upon “success” the entire Wii U would freeze and I would have to hard reset it. This makes me think that it somehow affects RAM external to the allocation of that for the emulator.

I conclude that it has to do with what I was doing previous to entering the game that affected certain RAM addresses in a way that set it just right for the game not to freeze. In this case I was playing Mario Kart 8 before hand, but would be impossible to replicate.

Thanks for watching!