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Company Vehicle - All About Soakwells
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Concrete Soakwell
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Polypropylene Soakwell

Soakwell Supply, Maintenance, and Installation
North and South Perth, Western Australia

All About Soakwells

All About Soakwells is a Western Australian business based in Perth that specialises in concrete and polypropylene stormwater drainage to Australian standard 3500.1/3 and council regulations.

ACN 606 865 507

The Department of Water encourages infiltration of small rainfall events at or near source as a primary means of urban stormwater management to maintain the site water balance as close as possible to its pre-development hydrology.

By law, in Western Australia home owners have an obligation to confine any stormwater run-off within the boundaries of their property, according to the Australian standards and individual regulations of each council.

Important! - Polypropylene tanks are efficient but council regulations are based on VOLUME not efficiency. When comparing quotes please be aware that FLOW RATE is not the same as TOTAL VOLUME.

Also please check that the volume given of a particular soakwell is accurate and has not been inflated to appear to meet council regulations. Check the true volumes of each soakwell here.

Are the soakwells wrapped in geotextile fabric, do they have trafficable lids and are they good quality? Like everything else you get what you pay for.

It is extremely important that your drainage provides sufficient volume to avoid council non-compliance notices. This volume is calculated using the formula provided by your local council.