Soakwell Inspection

Soakwell Inspection Soakwell Inspection All About Soakwells installs concrete or polypropylene drainage solutions to council regulations and the building code of Australia. Our core service is designing and installing stormwater drainage systems for private owners and residential/commercial builders.

Generally we recommend Concrete for new homes over 300 m2 and Polypropylene tanks for established homes or properties with limited access for an excavator. Our soakwells are always wrapped in a geotextile fabric to prevent leeching and we do not recommend non-trafficable soakwells.

We recommended talking to your builder and planning your stormwater drainage as early as possible to allow access for the excavator and ensure you have suffcient room available for the soakwells including the minimum distance from footings and boundaries.

Email us your plans and using the correct formula we will determine your volume requirements and provide you with an online quote. Be sure to include the total area of your roof and at what stage of construction your property is at.

If you plan on installing your own soakwells please visit Do It Yourself Soakwells at for supply and free delivery of polypropylene soakwells, parts and accessories.

We do not recommend PVC soakwells. Every week we are asked to upgrade, repair or replace systems that have caused damage due to insufficient volume or collapsed PVC soakwells.

Some home owners reduce the volume to less than a third of what is required by installing a single PVC or Polypropylene tank per downpipe. In most cases this does not conform to Australian Standards or local council regulations and may be subject to a non compliance notice. Yes, it does occasionally happen.

These links open a .pdf file with information on both concrete soakwells and polypropylene tanks.

Soakwell Specifications

Polypropylene Versitank Specifications